Welcome to EastCoastGamer.com!

Our online gaming website focuses on the needs and interests of gamers who live on the East Coast of the United States and Canada or anyone who simply plays in that time zone because that’s what their schedules permit. Our company is based on the Eastern Seaboard, and our team members who create the content for you live and play here on the East Coast as well.

Our Mission

Keeping regular gaming buddies after college can be a challenge. There were a few of us on the East Coast who were friends in the industry. One night after a few drinks we discussed how it’d be cool if there was a site where gamers from our region could come together to meet people who share their interests. A couple of weeks later, EastCoastGamer.com was born!

East Coast Gamer Forums

One of the focal points of our website is our message boards. We have a general forum where you can just shoot the breeze and a board where you can discuss our latest previews and reviews. There are also message boards for genres and even specific games. These are the areas where you can come together with other people on the East Coast about the games and genres you love. You may even meet people here to play, but we also have an automated system for that.

A Personalized Avatar

Creating an account with us costs nothing at all. This is your chance to add an avatar so people recognize you on the site and also to define your gaming tastes. Choose the games and genres you’re interested in as well as the platforms you play, and when you request it, our site will use that information to introduce you to other gamers who share those same interests.

Looking for Group

Creating an account will give you access to our LFG tool. This is perfect when you have some time available to play and want to find a group of people who can play during that time. Find a group for a Destiny raid, or join a squad so that you enter Call of Duty with people watching your back. If you’ve friended anyone on the site, those people will get preference.

Looking for Clan

You’ll also need an account to take advantage of our looking for clan tool. This is less automated and about finding you a permanent position in a clan, guild or other in-game organization. If you play World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online or another MMO, this tool is an amazing way to get into an East Coast-centric guild where people are running dungeons at a time that makes sense for you.

There’s much more too: news, articles, videos, live streams, podcasts, social media and so on. If you game and live on the East Coast, then this is the community you’ve been looking for. Follow us on Twitter today to stay abreast of the latest happenings at EastCoastGamer.com.